Do you have a project?

We have the individual elements and know-how to make and deliver it.

Why do we use ants as our symbol?

Ants are modest and thrifty animals, but also very active and capable of carrying heavy loads. Just as our partners, small companies without structural costs, are able to have an elevated efficiency in production. Their owners are modest and frugal people, who actively work directly in the company. The most important thing is that these tiny companies know how to work for a well-defined common aim.
Their only limit is their reduced individual capacity, as occurs with ants. Only if they work in a group and are coordinated, our ants are able to accomplish great tasks. Otherwise, they remain insignificant and almost invisible.

This is Eukom G.m.b.H.’s mission: to coordinate and organise a big number of small companies, each one equipped with great efficiency, but a limited production capacity in absolute terms, giving them visibility on the market.

We coordinate our partners as would occur in a well-ordered and organised ant colony, where the sum of all the ants leads to a big overall result.

1. Design

Analysis of the project and implementation techniques, advice on the most suitable polymers for the realisation. Industrial design of the model and realisation of the prototype.

2. Coordination

Management of partners for a careful production process both in terms of organisation and in terms of timing.

3. Mould Construction

Design of moulds and their realisation, in aluminium, in solid steel or in hardened steel.

4. Moulding

Thermoplastic injection moulding with a prevalence of technopolymers, specialisation in small production with a high technical content – Moulding also in two-components.

5. Post Production

Pad printing – coating – chrome plating – assembly and mounting of inserts.

6. Quality and logistics

Quality control, packaging and shipping of finished products.


To transform your idea into a concrete product, Eukom G.m.b.H. puts at your disposal its experience, offering a qualified consultation. Project analysis and choice of material.

Eukom G.m.b.H.’s design studio, which deals with the realisation of the moulds for plastic materials, is equipped with an innovative system of 3D CAD design to elaborate the products three-dimensionally and CAM software for the realisation of the moulds via a work centre.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mostly technical polymers, charged and non, for industrial use (ABS-PC-PA-POM). We also have concrete experience with special polymers (ETFE-PVDF-PEEK-PPS etc.)

It depends on the complexity of the project. It is possible to calculate 10–12 weeks for a simple mould and 14-16 weeks for a more complicated mould. For each project, the estimated delivery times are always indicated in the offer.

The casting engineer and the manufacturer of the mould analyse the problem together, to identify if the causes are as a result of the process or the casting and intervene accordingly, in agreement with the client.

Each of our partners possesses a specific experience in a given sector, so we can offer every type of mould, in either aluminium or steel, in accordance with the quantitative and qualitative requirements of the clients.

External suppliers are continuously monitored and visited periodically by our project managers. We believe that a diligent presence in the field is necessary in order to discuss and prevent technical problems that arise constantly during the realisation of the moulds.