The designing phase is the most important part of the work process. The special technical requisites and our clients’ requirements are always taken into consideration. Naturally, these specific techniques cannot always be adopted uncritically and in every single aspect. Rather it is necessary to maintain a constant dialogue with the client during which, on the basis of our extensive experience, we can propose improvements in order to achieve the best results.


Coordination is Eukom G.m.b.H.’s biggest strength. We have the ability and experience of organising a great number of small companies, each one equipped with a great efficiency of production, in order to obtain the best results and to meet production deadlines.

Mould Construction

The production of the moulds is entrusted to companies, which work with machinery and equipment that are always maintained efficiently, due to the fact that the owners of these companies, who decide the investments, are also the same users of the machinery. The constant presence of the owners ensures a customisation in each phase of the production process.


Thermoplastic injection moulding with a prevalence of technopolymers, specialisation in small production with a high technical content – Moulding also in two-components.

Post Production

Pad printing – coating – chrome plating – assembly and mounting of inserts.

Quality and logistics

Quality control, packaging and shipping of finished products.